Un blog voisin ; un attrait commun (3)

Voici un blog tout neuf, nommé a Meezer’s World de Meeze Girl, qui nous présente son couple de siamois Fargo & Maple. Meeze Girl a promis qu’elle allait entretenir et mettre à jour ce blog.

Un extrait de « Introductions » :

Hi there, and thanks for dropping by! My name is Sir Fargo Fetchellero the Fifth, Duke of Primrose. My friends (and humans) call me Fargo. (I’m the larger Siamese in this photo above… we are only a month apart in age.)

My lady’s name is Maple, which is short for Her-Royal Highness Maple-Blue, Princess of Primrose. If you’re addressing her, I would recommend using her full title… better to err with caution with such matters. (I’m just saying.)

Our human (we call her Miss. Meezer) takes snapshots of us quite regular. So if you visit us often, you will have the pleasure of viewing all of our good-sides. (Just so you know, we don’t have bad-sides. We are Siamese, after all).

Special message to Meeze Girl: We really could think that this picture represents our Minette & Charlie… But ours are not so in love yet; question of days ;)


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  1. 1

    meezergirl said,

    Oh, if only I could read french!! I did go back and look at your photos though, and you are so right — our kitties sure do look alike! Fargo and Maple were not the best of friends in the beginning… he was with us only one month before, but he acted as though he owned the place for years! He was a brute, to be honest. Maple was so very tiny then, we could not leave them alone at all for fear that he would seriously hurt her. But now, he is her love-slave! lol She definately rules the place now… and he just laps up any affection he can get! lol I wish I could read french, as I would love to read your blog! :(

  2. 2

    siams said,

    Many thanks for your message Meezergirl.

    You know what, as far as possible, we will try to post some news in English in order to enlarge your audience (I joke!) and for trying to keep an approximative-understandable-English-language…

    Kind regards,
    The Siams team (2 humans – 2 cats – 2 males – 2 females)

  3. 3

    […] us (I would have to say “for me” more precisely), poor French people that we are, but as we promised in one of our commentaries, we will try to give you some news in English, in order to open our blog to our oversea audience […]

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