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The exercise is not so easy for us (rather, I should have to say « for me »), poor French people that we are, but as we promised in one of our comments, we will try to give you some news in English, in order to open our blog to our oversea audience (private joke).

We will start this (long?) series with a short introduction to our blog called SiAmS & Cie (i.e. Siameses etcetera).

We started, Alexandre and me (Céline), this blog some weeks ago, because we like siamese especially and the idea to share about this was pleasant for us. We are not specialists, we do not own any cattery, but we are just ordinary and happy owners.

To date, we have two siamese cats, Charlie (or « Charles » because of his really big ears), the Swiss boy, born in September 2007 and Minette, the pretty French old siamese, adopted in a French refuge near the Geneva border, in July 2007. She could have about 3, maybe 4 years old.

Both are seal-point, even if Minette coat seems to be darker than Charlie’ s one. But he is young, so we still have to wait a little bit before to discover his final colour.

With this blog, we would like to show you some little discoveries we made on the web and share our own experiences with our cats. We are not totally insensitive to B&W photography and arts; so do not be surprised to find such a lot of pictures and various other finds of that type.

This first English written post is now finished… I hope that I did not make too many mistakes and that my words are a minimum understandable.

To be continued!

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    Erika T said,

    I just found you site & wish you had an English button :( I am a huge fan of Siamese cats , I am owned by 2 gorgeous cats. And I can understand your English fine!!

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