Vintage advertising (2)

A very beautiful piece I think, from Puss’n Boots cat food, dated of 1951 and sold by birdiegirl67 on eBay for only USD 5.95.

Description of the seller is the following:

Original 1951 magazine advertisement in excellent condition. Great for framing! Ad is complete, it only appears cropped because the page is larger than the scanner. Ad measures 5″ x 13″.

Text is the following:

No fear for your kitten’s safety with those strong muscles to protect them! That comes with being a Puss’n Boots cat. You get lots of muscle-building protein and bone-building calcium and phosporus to keep you strong and lithe.

Life’s full of fun when you’re full of pep! And with Puss’n Boots on the menu, bet you’re the perkiest kittens around! Can^t help but be on a diet so rich in vitamins, minerals and energy-giving carbohydrates.

See what it means… to be a Puss’n Boots Cat?

Say, isn’t Mom a lovely one? But her beauty diet will soon make you as pretty as she. Yes, the riboflavin and natural oils in Puss’n Boots will help your coat grow sleek and silky, too.

That’s right! Puss’n Boots helps keep you all healthy and purring. It’s a properly balanced food made of fresh-caught whole fish, plus selected cereals. No by-products or « fillers » ever! That’s why Puss’n Boots supplies all the nutrients you need… more nourishment than beef, liver, kidney, milk, or canned salmon. Costs much less than fresh foods, too!

Puss’n Boots adds the plus!

A copy of the original picture can be seen and/or downloaded here.

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    […] réclame, siamese, siamois, vintage One again from Puss’N Boots cat food (please refer to this first post), dated of the 50’s and sold by another seller, that is to say artdecodiva21 on eBay for only […]

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    siams said,

    Pour la petite histoire, Puss’n Boots signifie en français « chat botté » !

  3. 3

    […] pour chats Puss’n boots (cf. les précédents billets “Vintage advertising” 2 & […]

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